Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need a script for therapy?

Yes, you need a physician order for occupational and speech therapy services, but you do not need an order for physical therapy services secondary to a law called direct access 

2. Is physical/occupational/and speech therapy covered by insurance?

Yes, if your insurance plan includes these therapy services. However, aLOTTa Therapy, following the initial evaluation, will contact your insurance to verify coverage

3. Do you have to go where your doctor tells you to go for therapy?

No, you have a script and it is your choice to fill that script wherever you want. The best example is "your doctor writes a script for a medication, but he can't tell you which pharmacy to fill it at"

4. If I skip a week of therapy will it make a difference?

Life happens, but therapy is a process, as one treatment builds from the previous session, so it is very important to attend the session to achieve the goals you and your therapist have outlined.

In the Classroom

5. How important is it to complete a home exercise program that is given to me by my therapist?

Very important. Physical exercises from a therapist, be it, occupational, physical or speech, is a concentrated effort to achieve a current goal in order to move to the next level.

6. Do I have a co-pay for each session?

Depending on your insurance plan, you may have a co-pay for each session, again all insurance is verified before scheduling. Therefore, you are informed of any co-pays and amounts, deductibles, and how many annual visits are outlined on your particular insurance plan so that you can make a better choice about your therapy and the cost of services. We provide monthly payment plans and always tell people, "do not stop your therapy because of money, we will work with you".