aLotta Therapy (LLC) takes pride in the fact that we have followed all CDC guidelines to keep our staff and clients safe.

  1. Masks are worn by all staff and clients.

  2. aLOTTa Therapy (LCC) limits 10 occupants in our facility at any given time, and this count includes the therapists.

  3. The front entrance is locked between our sessions to ensure this count is maintained. Family and clients are informed of this policy verbally and it is posted on the front door.

  4. Once entering the lobby, temperatures are taken and recorded.

  5. If an evaluation is scheduled, the staff member accompanies the client, parent or both into our business offices, paperwork is signed and insurance cards are copied.

  6. The evaluation/treating therapist will escort clients to the therapy room. Most evaluations and treatment sessions last approximately one hour; unless indicated otherwise by the therapist.

  7. Following the treatment, the therapist will schedule for the next appointment. Following an evaluation, aLOTTa Therapy will verify insurance coverage, deductibles, and co-pays etc.

  8. Once insurance is verified, the client is informed of coverage and the visit is scheduled.

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